Reelo allows you to create a digital rewards system that will help you increase repeat business. A loyalty program is a way for businesses to offer discounts, rewards and other incentives as a way to attract more business, and encourage your customers to keep coming back to the store. 

Along with repeat customers, you get a wealth of data for your business through this programs that will help you engage the customers better. 

Customizing the Loyalty Program

Customizing the loyalty program can help you incentivize the customer interactions that are best suited for your business. You can either offer incentives for the purchases they make or by the visits.

Amount Spent

You can offer incentives to the customer for the amount spent at the store. You can fix the number of points they will earn for every rupee spent. 


You have chosen to reward 2 points for every rupee spent at the store. If a customer A visits your store and spends 250 rupees, they will be awarded 500 points. Similarly, if a customer B visits the store and spends 400 rupees, they will be awarded 800 points.

Note: We suggest our customers to use 1 rupee= 1 point as a standard rule for this program. 

Visit Made

You can choose to incentivize your customer's visits to the store with this program. For every visit to the store, you can award them certain fixed points. 


You have fixed 10 points per visit. Customer A visits the store and spends Rs. 100. They earn 10 points. Customer B visits the store and spends 1000 points. They will also earn 10 points. 

In this program, the spend is not considered while incentivizing the customer. 

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