When a customer has not come to the store in a long time, you can use the points reminder as a tool to bring them back. 

What is Points Reminder?

It is a communication sent to the customers to remind them about the points in their loyalty account. These are customers who joined the loyalty program, accumulated good number of points (enough to redeem a reward) and forgot about it. 

When you send a reminder, they will visit the store to redeem those points.

How does this benefit your store?

  • When the customer comes back to the store again, they will spend a certain amount and redeem the loyalty points. 
  • This means they will redeem points, and earn new points. As a result, they will get new points to their kitty
  • Eventually, they will have to come back sooner to spend the accumulated points. They will be lured to earning and spending the points. 

A simple reminder can help you re-engage with your customer, and make them come back sooner. 

How it Works?

You can set the points reminder while activating your loyalty program. 

  • Toggle the button on Points Reminder to activate this add-on for your loyalty program.
  • Set the date for reminder. It could be anywhere between 4 weeks to 15 months.

Note: Points expiry is made available with higher plans