A strong relationship is the foundation of loyalty. You might have to make some efforts towards fostering a bond with your regular customers to encourage repeat visits. 

One-on-one communication can help increase brand relevance, thus boosting loyalty and retention. 

  • A customer awaits the communication sent at the end of the first sale. It encourages them to trust your brand, improves their overall business experience, and makes them connect with your brand. Eventually, this helps drive repeat visits. 
  • When you send out personalized messages to the customers, they feel recognized and appreciated for visiting your store. It enhances their experience with your business. 
  • Lastly it drives value to the customer, and strengthens your brand recall. 

Setting up a strong loyalty communication right at the start can help you connect with your regulars and prevent losing them to competition.

These communications not only encourage them to join the program, but also keep them active in the program. 

Setting up the Channels

Choose the best medium to connect with your audience, and keep them engaged. Here, you get three options- SMS, Whatsapp and Email.

Note: You will have to add separate credits for each communication channel. When you choose the channel, you will be shown the credits you need to run a loyalty communication on it.

 You can view how the loyalty communication would appear on each channel on this screen. 

This is how your communication would appear on SMS and Whatsapp.

There are a total of five types of communication pre-defined in the system.

  • First time the customer earns points
  • Every time the customer earns points
  • Each time the customer redeems a reward
  • When the points are about to expire
  • Reminding them about the points. 

Note: You will see a default header in the SMS and Whatsapp communication. These messages will contain your business name as a branding point. So, your customers will know that the communication was sent by you. 

If you want to preview how the communication will appear in real, you can send a test message to your phone. 

Enter the order amount, and you will receive the test message