You can capture your customers into your loyalty program by adding their mobile numbers. However, to strengthen the program and make it more effective, you should collect more details like their birthdate, email etc. 

How will extra information help?

Eg: If you know their birthdate, you can send them some fixed points to bring them back to the store sooner. You can send them email/sms on the birthday to engage with them and make them feel special. There are so many ways in which a birthdate can help you, as the modern retailer, to engage and retain your customer.

Incentivize with Bonus Points

Offer incentives to your customers so that they give you additional details. These incentives will encourage the customer to offer the additional information and be a part of your program. 

When you enter this page, by default, the bonus points would be enabled. The default points allotted for extra information is 100. 

You can keep it as it is or change the number of points you want to offer the customer. 

Note: It is a good idea to enable bonus points as it will motivate customers to fill out details. However, by clicking on the toggle button you can always choose to disable the system.

Adding Profile Details

Your cashier can add the additional profile details, at checkout, to the POS/cashier portal. The bonus points will be added to the loyalty account immediately after adding the details. 

If customers have not filled out the details at checkout, they can fill it when they receive the loyalty communication. 

Immediately after the creation of the loyalty account, the customer receives a welcome communication. At the bottom of the communication, there is provision to add the details.

The number of points that will be awarded to the customer will be mentioned at the top itself.