Activating the loyalty program is just half job done. The other half is to educate your people about the program so that they can motivate more people to enroll into the program.

Here's our action steps that will help you make a successful loyalty program. 

#1 Enrolling the Customers

The first step to success is having more customers into the program. There are two ways to capturing your customers.

Integrate your POS: If you are able to see your POS, integrate it with Reelo. You will be able to automate capturing

Launch your Cashier Portal: If your POS is not available with our platform, then you should launch the cashier portal. It will help you capture every customer, which is important for the success of the program.

#2 Train your Staff

It is ultimately the duty of your staff to capture the mobile numbers and enroll more customers into the program, at the time of checkout. You will need to provide in-depth training to your staff on how the program works, its benefits and other details. It will help them explain the details to the customer. Only when your customer understands the benefits will they be encouraged to join the program. 

#3 Download the Loyalty Details

You should have a printed copy of the loyalty program details at the counter. Displaying your loyalty program to the customers will attract their attention. Curiosity followed by valid information will make them enroll into the program. So, make sure you let them know about the program with a prominent display. 

#4 Social Media Shoutout

You should ideally share the loyalty program on social media channels. It will get the word out on the program details, and get you more enrollments. Make sure to mention specific details while you are posting on this platform.

#5 Measure the Performance

You should ideally measure the performance of your loyalty program at regular intervals. It will help you evaluate whether the rewards are working or not, and how motivated the customers feel with the tiered program. Eventually, you can restrategize the program to meet your business goals.