0% customers have enough points to redeem a reward.

Note: The percentage value will change as soon as you start enrolling customers to the program.

What does this value mean for your business?

If the number is below average, it means not many people are participating in the loyalty program. 

Eg: There are 10 customers in the loyalty program. However, only 1 customer has enough points to redeem. This means, the remaining 9 aren't spending enough at your outlet or, they are not participating enough in the loyalty program.

Customers avoid a loyalty program for several reasons. Let's take a look at what are the top reasons for a low number of customers having enough points. 

#1 A Complex Structure

A lot of times you may complicate the points-based rewarding system by adding too many terms and conditions. When you add many layers, extra rules and complicate the system, users get frustrated. They refuse to participate as they don't have enough information. 

Solution: A usable and accessible explainer page that helps users understand how the program works, the reward structure and the terms can enable more participation. Make sure to keep fewer and simpler rules for participation. 

#2 Unexciting Rewards

If you have added multiple rewards but, they aren't very exciting, then you may notice fewer participation. If the item/discount doesn't feel like a reward, people may not be encouraged to join or redeem the points. 

Have rewards that you feel almost all your customers would like. Dig into the customer data to understand what they prefer and add it to your rewards. 

#3 Too Many Changes

If you keep changing the rules for participation or redeeming rewards frequently, you might cause friction in experiences. This could eventually result in more people opting out of the program or avoiding points accumulation. 

Make sure you create a strategy that is in sync with your business goals. Define this in simpler terms and stick to it for a longer while. If you think it is not working, you can pivot based on the metrics and success measurement of the loyalty program.