Collecting customer profile information is crucial for engagement and retention. When you have data such as mobile number and email, you can send relevant messages to them at the right time and get them to come back sooner. 

You can add/access customer information through cashier portal when your POS is not available for integration. A cashier portal is a webpage that can be accessed on the smart devices connected with your retail outlet. 

Adding New Customers

When you click on "launch cashier portal" a webpage that allows you to add customers opens up. You will be able to add a new customer from this screen. 

  • Add the mobile number of the customer under "customer being served."
  • Once you have entered the mobile number, you can add the order value for the person being served

  • You will be given an option to add more details. It is a good idea to capture more profile details such as email, birthdate and anniversary dates for the customer

If the customer has opted for the loyalty program from the admin, then you can add the points they earned from this transation to their loyalty account. The customers that have opted for loyalty communication can fill out the additional information such as email, birthdate etc. in the form that is part of the landing page. 

Note: If the customer is already captured by the cashier portal, you will get their details. You will simply need to add the order value. 

You will be able to view the points earned by them as well as the rewards they are eligible to redeem from this page. 

Note: The first-time customers, who are eligible for rewards in the loyalty program, can redeem it during their second visit. 

Redeeming Loyalty Points

The cashier portal also gives a view into the loyalty program type and the rewards for the program. When the customer is eligible to redeem their points, the rewards that they can collect will be highlighted. The cashier can make the selection, and enter the rewards redeemed.