Points expiry is a communication you send to your customers when their points are about to expire. It is to notify them that they can come and redeem the points, before the validity ends. 

It creates a sense of urgency, and makes the customer come back sooner to your store. 

Benefits of Points Expiry

  • You can set a validity period for all your points. This means the customer has to come before the valdity ends, if they have a good number of points in their account
  • Secondly, it gets the repeat customer to visit your sooner, and earn more points. This is an excellent strategy to engage your customers, who have not visited in a long time

How it works?

You can set a time period for when the communication about the points expiry should go to the customers. 

  • At the end of customizing your loyalty program, you can set the time period after which the points will expire
  • The customer will be notified about the expiry at least 2 weeks prior to the expiry. 

Note: Points expiry is made available with higher plans.