What are Credits?

With Reelo, you can send messages to customers on Email, SMS and Whatsapp. However, instead of spending rupees, your money will be converted into credits.

Credits is your Reelo currency using which you can send communication to the customers on desired channels. It is an equivalent of your pre-paid wallet. Using this amount, you can now easily send communication and engage your customers.

Why Credits are Important?

Whether you want to send loyalty communication or campaigns, you need to send it over the chosen channels- Email,SMS, Whatsapp.

Example: In loyalty, you will need to notify customers about the points in their account. This will require credits to send out the messages.

These credits will ensure that you can send the communication without any interruption. You don’t need to sit down and calculate the currency value for each platform.

1 credit= 1 message.

So, if you have 50 credits in your email, you can send communication on this channel to 50 people.

Note: You will need to refill credits for Email, Whatsapp and SMS separately to be able to send the communication on these channels.

Recharge Credits

You will need to choose the channels you want to recharge as well as the plans, after clicking the refill credits button.

Choose the plan according to the number of customers you have in your account, and recharge the same.

Low Credits

You will receive a communication on your Email when the credit balance goes low. To be able to send your next communication or campaign, you need to refill these credits immediately.