A landing page is a very crucial part of your campaign. It is your dedicated page for the particular campaign where the customer can see everything- from the campaign promotion to your branding elements. 

It educates the customer about the campaign, engages them with delightful images and copy, and makes them come back to your store soon. With the brand elements, you can strengthen brand recall. 

Before you begin editing the campaign, here are your first two steps:

  • Start by identifying the purpose of the campaign. Do you want to promote new items, offer weekend discounts or promote the reopening of your store?
  • Based on the campaign objective, you also need to decide whether or not you plan to offer discounts to your customer. 

Once selected, follow these steps and edit the template. 

Example: You want to offer weekend discounts.

Click on edit this campaign to get started. You will be able to edit the campaign landing page, and the SMS copy here. 

Note: The landing page will go as a link for both Email and SMS. 

You will get a pre-filled campaign landing page. This landing page is basically sent to your customers as a link. They will get complete details of the campaign, the terms and conditions as well as the validity as part of this landing page. 

Edit Theme

When you click on edit theme, you can customize the logo, theme colour, text colour and the banner image for the campaign. 

The template will be pre-loaded with your store's name as the logo and image that best suits the campaign objective. You can always customize it by uploading your brand's logo. You can change the header image by choosing one of the many pre-loaded images or something from your computer. 

Edit Campaign

Click on "edit campaign" to customize the copy. You can change the copy contents, the discount value, the email subject at this point.

If you want to offer 20% discount on entire purchase, select the same.

However, if you want to offer it on a specific product, then you will need to select specific purchase.

Note: If your POS is integrated, you will get a dropdown of all the items added to the POS. You can select the product you want to offer the % discount on. 

Note: Reward type will differ as per the "template type" you have chosen. This is a % discount template that we have used for this example. In case of free item, you can choose the product on which you want to offer discount. No discount campaign will not have the reward type section. 

When you change the reward value, it will be reflected across the campaign- email copy, SMS copy and the email subject line. 

Once you have edited the reward type, you can edit the copies if you want to change a few things. For instance, in the above example, if you want to make it more specific with coffee. Simply remove beverages and add coffee. 

Edit Terms


You can edit the validity, the terms and conditions for the campaign and the redemption rules by editing terms. 

Based on the insights for your industry, you will get some recommendations for terms and conditions. You can choose from this list or, you can add your own terms in the text box. 

Once you have edited the campaign, it is time to evaluate the SMS campaign. The variables that you changed in the campaign landing page will be automatically reflected in the SMS too.

Example: If you changed the campaign discount from 30% to 20%, it will be automatically translated in the SMS campaign. 

Edit SMS Text

While the campaign details will be automatically reflected in the SMS template, you can change the copy for the SMS too. 

In the above example, you can change the variable one cup of coffee to a dessert or anything else that best fits your outlet.

Note: SMS campaigns are pre-approved and only a part of the campaign can be edited. In case you want to create a new SMS campaign, you will need to send it for approval. It will take approximately 24-48 hours to get an approval.

Once satisfied with the edits, you can click on "Build Audience"

Before identifying the segments, channels and timing for the campaign, send a test SMS and email to your number. This will help you check how the campaigns will look at the customer's end.