Starting your rewards program is just half job done. The other half is to encourage maximum participation and increase the value generated from it.

Here, we will take you through certain tips that will help improve the performance of the rewards program.

#1 Make customers aware of the program

For customers to participate in the loyalty program, they should be aware of it. If you have not promoted your program anywhere or, made it publicly known, you may not get the desired results.

Here are a few ways in which you can let people know:

  1. Once you have launched the program, create a social media post letting your followers know of the same. Add the loyalty landing page to the social media handle so that people know what to expect from the program
  2. Add it to every communication that goes out from your end. Send out an engaging email and sms campaign to your customers that tells them about the loyalty program and its benefits. Make people understand what they will gain from joining the program
  3. Make it prominent inside the store as well. Make sure people know that you are running a loyalty program. You can have a small display at checkout, which will prompt your customers to either gain an understanding or join the program.
  4. The cashier at the checkout should be aware of the program. Consider educating them about the benefits of the program. They should be able to describe the benefits, points earning method and the rewards structure to the customers. 

#2 Keep it Simple

If your program is not simple to understand and accessible for the customers, they will not join it. It is important to keep the rewards stages as well as the rewards simple for the customers, to understand and redeem.

The loyalty landing page is your explainer page. Keep it as simple and effective as possible. If people know how they can earn points in your loyalty program, what they need to do to redeem the points and how the reward stages are defined, it encourages participation. 

Pro-Tip: Keep your points earning as simple as possible. We suggest you to use Rs.1=1point for amount spent loyalty type.

#3 Add Exciting Rewards

Align your rewards to your customer's perception of your brand. If they find these rewards valuable, they will enter the program. It is important to think from the customer's viewpoint, before you start defining the rewards.

If you are a luxury brand, your rewards need to portray that image, so that customer's resonate better with the program.

Similarly, it is important to showcase value through your rewards. 

Pro-Tip: Always offer a 7-20% discount to your customers when choosing the rewards against the points accumulated. This will encourage them to spend more and boost the performance of the program.

#4 Easy to Redeem

This is an important tip. If your rewards are not easy to redeem, then customers may churn from your loyalty program. Ensure the first reward can be redeemed in the second or third visit. Make every stage exciting, and allow customers to earn points with ease to reach the reward stages.

You can offer incentives to your customers for certain actions, so that they accumulate more points. For instance, offer them bonus points on their birthdays. When they are able to get the points and reach the various reward stages, they will start participating more. It will lead to an increase in your loyal customers and boost profits for your business.