This article will help you identify the ways in which you can boost the estimated revenue generated from Reelo.

#1 Keep adding new customers

While acquisition is very important, you need to start focusing your efforts into retaining the customers. To maximize the value, you need to add every customer that visits your outlet to Reelo dashboard. If you have integrated your POS to the platform, then you can automatically capture the data. However, if your POS is not available for integration, you might have to manually add every customer to the platform.

Adding customers can help you know them better and identify their needs. It would also help you learn about the transaction and in-store behaviour. Eventually, you can target them with relevant campaigns that will lead to conversions

#2 Segment your Customers

With our automated segments, you can learn more about customer's frequency of visits and their spend at the store. You will know your best customers as well as the customers who are slipping away. 

This data will help you engage them accordingly. You might want to adopt re-engagement strategies to win back the customers you lost. Sending deals and promotional discounts can help win over your new customers. You need to reward your loyal customers and appreciate them for staying with you. 

You will know which customer is profitable and which ones are not engaging at all. It will help you make better decisions with your loyalty communication and campaigns.

#3 Educate your Cashier

It is important that the cashier is aware on how to redeem the loyalty and campaign rewards. They should be clear about how the loyalty program works, and how the customers can earn points. The cashier is the face of your store. Educating and training them with Reelo can guarantee better experiences for the customer, thus maximizing the outcome.

When the cashier is well-versed with the loyalty program and the campaign redemption, they will be able to communicate the same to the customers. If maximum people start joining your loyalty program, it will help boost repeat visits, thus maximizing value.

We offer smart recommendations based on your business-type, the customers and other factors. Swipe through these recommendations and adopt the one best-suited for your immediate need. It will help you boost your bottom line through Reelo.