Adding customers to your program is crucial to gaining success. Whether you are running a loyalty program or planning to send campaigns, customers are at the core of everything you do. 

With the Posist-Reelo integration, you have automated the process of adding customers to your Reelo dashboard. So, every customer that bills at your store will be visible on Reelo. 

With this integration you gain access to:

1. Insights of the customer- Who are your new vs. lost customers? How many customers visited you in the last month? What do they love most at your store?

2. The Loyalty Performance: You will know how many customers have been added to the loyalty program and you will also know how many customers have redeemed rewards

3. Campaign Performance: This integration will also help you know how many customers have redeemed the campaign, and what kind of campaigns are most preferred by your customers. 

As part of this article, we will take you through how you can add/redeem points.

Adding Loyalty Points

When a customer visits you for the first time, make sure to capture their mobile number. You can do this either at checkout or, while taking the orders. 

Once you have got the mobile number, add it to the software along with their order. The process of billing the order would remain same as you would normally do. 

Note: You may want to explain to your first-time customer that the amount they have spent would be converted into loyalty points that they can redeem the next time they visit your store. 

Once you have settled the bill, the customer would receive a loyalty communication on the channels you have selected, while starting the loyalty program.

They will be notified that they are part of the loyalty program. It will also tell them how many points they have earned. 

Redeeming Loyalty Points

If the same customer visits you after two weeks, and has enough points in their account, they can redeem the points at your outlet.

Take their order and add it to your software. Ask them for their mobile number, and check if they are eligible for redeeming the reward at your outlet. You will see all the reward/s that they can redeem with the points in their account. Ask them to choose what they want to redeem.

You can select the reward in your POS, and click on send OTP. Ask the customer to give you the OTP they have received. Once you have the OTP, add it and redeem the reward.

Your customers will receive a communication that they have redeemed points at your outlet. You will need to bill the customer for the amount they spent after redeeming points at your outlet. If they redeemed 300 points and spend 1000 Rs., then you will need to make a bill of Rs.1000. As part of this visit, they will gain 1000 points in their account.