Once you have integrated your Posist POS with Reelo, it is important to map all your products into your loyalty program. This way, you can offer discounts on specific products or, map specific products into the free items.

For instance, if you want to offer 20% discount on starters, then you can mention all the starters that you want to include from your menu. Mapping items is a crucial process as it benefits you in many ways.

1. You can offer discounts from your POS directly, as it is connected to the loyalty program

2. The cashier and the customer would know which products are offered as part of the loyalty program.

How to Map Menu to your Loyalty Program?

Here are all the steps that you should follow to map the menu items to your loyalty program.

1. What are the different discounts you are offering the customer? How many stages have you divided your loyalty program into?

2. Now, start with editing each stage. Let's say your stage one has "Free item" as the reward value. You want to offer "cold beverages" from your menu to the customer as the free item. Start adding all the beverages that the customer can get as free item at this reward stage. Now, simply type "Get a free beverage" as the reward. When the cashier sees this reward, they will see all the beverages the customer can claim against these points. 

3. Let's say you are offering % discount or Rs. discount as part of the reward stage. You can offer these reward values for a particular product or on the total bill. Once you have decided to go with the individual product, you can start adding the products and type the reward name accordingly.

4. Follow this method whenever you are editing the individual stages in the loyalty program, and map your menu items accordingly.

Check out the video below to get a complete idea of how to map your menu items to Posist POS.